Prayer Line

Conference Number: (302) 202-1108 x914022
Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
4:00 AM Pacific
5:00 AM Mountain
6:00 AM Central
7:00 AM Eastern

Jesse's House is built upon three pillars: prayer, worship and the Word of God. Of these pillars, prayer is the core pillar upon which Jesse's house was founded. Prayer continues to be the primary mandate for the ministry.

Through the years, Jesse's house has responded to the prayer mandate through various innovative ways, including all night prayer vigils and special prayer services. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the oversight of Apostle Elvira Person, the vision of Pastor Corey, and the innovation of modern technology, Jesse's house has established a series of seasonal prayer-based conference calls. These calls have literally created a "virutal church". To date, over 400 individuals have participated in the conference calls

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Project REACH

Partner with us as we endeavor to reach all 50 states! On the map, the states in white represent states that have not yet been reached. If you know of individuals or ministries in these targeted states, please encourage them to participate!

GPS States Map Infographic

About GPS

Global Prayer Strategy (GPS) is an innovative approach of establishing virtual ministry. GPS uses cost effective tools such as prayer-based conference calls, text chat groups, web-based tools and content sharing websites to extend the church encounter beyond the physical walls of a building.

The GPS team strategizes on various methods that promote prayer, daily bible reading and discipleship in a virtual way. Our goal is to use the GPS approach to extend prayer to all 50 states within the continental U.S. as well as to the nations beyond the borders of North America.

Under the leadership of Pastor Corey Person, Jesse's House has used GPS to implement serveral seasonal, prayer-based conference calls. Our call participants consistently describe the experience as a a virtual "church without walls".

  • In 2014, GPS implemented a call series entitled the "Faith Muscle Countdown"
  • In Early 2015, GPS implemented a call series entitled the "Supernatual Turnaround Resurrection Countdown (STRC)
  • In late 2015, GPS implemented a call series entitled "Reset"
  • In February of 2016 God, spoke through the prayer line about "BOOMERANG" and how America would be drawn back to the cross
  • In 2017 God revealed the "SURPRISE" through the prayer line

On each call the caller receives a daily series-based word and prayer. Each caller also has the opportunity to receive communion, fellowship, and salvation. We envision the GPS approach evolve to a more regional strategy by allowing prayer lines in each time zone.

Utilizing only social media and the word-of-mouth testimonies of those that have experienced the effect of GPS prayer lines, our strategy has engaged over 400 callers from 20+ states as well as participants from two nations outside of the continental U.S.

Through our GPS efforts, Over 25 people have either given their lives, or re-dedicated their lives to Christ. We have witnessed miracles, testimonies, and wonders! This conference call strategy gives people the opportunity to have an encounter with God on a daily basis despite hectic schedules and the distractions of life.